300 hour intermediate yoga teacher training

September 2019-may 2020

We are very happy to offer a 300 hour course for students who would like to further develop their skills and understanding of yoga. This course offers a rare opportunity to study Buddhist Yoga and Somatic Yoga from experienced teachers who all have more than 800 hours of training. 


This program is for students who already have a basic understanding of the core concepts within Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Asana. The 300 hour program is a focused course of study concentrating on specific traditions within the yoga pantheon, in particular Tibetan Buddhist Yoga and Somatic Yoga. Here at Method Yoga, our program follows a traditional presentation of teachings, or Lam-Rim (Tib., graduated steps of the path) meaning we present new material and then slowly build on that foundation. This is a systemized overview of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Somatic Movement Theory of which students of other traditions may not be familiar with. Therefore, if you completed a 200 hour program in another school or tradition, then you will need to take a few foundational classes before you can begin working on your 300 hour thesis. These foundational classes will still count towards your 300 hours. 


Calendar: Sept 2019 - May 2020


*In addition to the set class times students must attend classes, workshops and series of their choosing with qualified staff members. These times are not set and therefore are up to the individual students to make sure they attend and track their hrs.


Trainings will include unlimited class pass. 


Space is limited to 10 applicants for all of our Training Programs, so please get your applications in as early as possible to secure your space.


Call to request an application packet for our yoga teacher-training program. 

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