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Megan has been practicing Yoga since 2008, and completed her 200 hour Teacher Training certification at Leelaa Yoga (Springboro) in 2012 and her 500 hour certification under Bryson Newell at Method Yoga in 2018. Megan is continuing to study and practice and evolve, and even though Megan's practice and teaching style constantly ebbs and flows, you can expect to focus on movement, the breath and mindfulness in each of her classes.





Megan Lees

founder, E-RYT 500, assistant teacher trainer


Jen found her passion for yoga due to an overuse injury and the persistence of a caring friend in 2006. Reluctant to try something so "slow" and skeptical of its "too good to be true" reputation, she was pleasantly surprised by her first class. The healing benefits started the first day on her mat and have continued, both physically and mentally. Yoga fit perfectly into Jen's health conscious pursuits. As a marathon runner the mind/body connection always fascinated her so within the physical practice the deep inner practices became all the more enticing. Wanting more from the practice Jen's teacher suggested teacher training and there she was introduced to the history, philosophy of practices of Hatha Yoga. In 2013 acquired her 200RYT certification and met her most influential teacher, Bryson Newell. Since that time Jen has taught and been a devoted student attending workshops and studying the history, philosophy, meditative and somatic approaches of Hatha, Ashtanga yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. So thankful for the guidance and inspiration of her many teachers, Jen continues to study and completed her 500 hour certification in 2018. These practices inspire her to share their benefits in a playful, explorative manner.

Jen Wishnok

E-RYT 500,

assistant teacher trainer


Charlie began her yoga journey in 1999 during Peace Corps service and it became a personal necessity during humanitarian relief efforts in many countries.  Yoga was a way to maintain physical health in austere environments.  There was no need to take yoga outside into public spaces and it offered a sense of privacy and relaxation during stressful times.  In 2009, yoga became much more than a physical practice.  It was a way to manage heartache and difficulty.  Charlie then began the lifelong process of delving deeper into a more mindful and well-rounded practice.  She completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2013 and has been teaching at Leelaa Yoga (now Method Yoga) ever since.


Charlie has also completed a 9-month Pranayama Teacher Training Certification from Yoga on High in Columbus, OH in 2014.  She enjoys bringing breathwork to her classes and you can expect to experience strong physical flows coupled with various forms of pranayama.

Charlie Sanner



Bryson has been a student of yoga since 1995. After having practiced for more than a decade he was compelled to travel to Asia, enabling him to study yoga in the Tibetan monasteries. In 2009 he began his travels to India motivated to learn the profound mindfulness techniques of the Tibetan yogis. He continues to return to the monasteries in both India and Nepal, seeking the guidance of the yogis and lamas to refine his practices.

Having experienced the effectiveness of mindfulness techniques, Bryson began seeking out movement methods to compliment his meditation practices. He has studied many forms of movement including Tai Chi, Natural Movement methods, various physical yogas, and Western Somatic practices. Inspired by his broad personal experiences, he believes meditation can be taught through movement when approached mindfully. Because he enjoys exploring the profound link between the brain and the body, his teaching style is spontaneous and wholly unique. 

Bryson Newell

E-RYT 500,

lead teacher trainer,

Somatic Yoga Practitioner


Jennifer has been practicing and studying the physical aspects of Yoga consistently since 2005. For years, Yoga had predominantly been a vehicle for her to maintain strength and flexibility. Jennifer deepened her spiritual practice by participating in and completer her 200 hour teacher training certification through Method Yoga.This training provided her with more insight into Yoga philosophy, Somatic movement and physical anatomy. She has also participated in several Meditation workshops and Meditation retreats.

Jennifer's classes focus on embodiment through strong flows, breathwork and mindfulness practices.

Jennifer McKeown

RYT- 500


We often don't move into what we need in our lives until we have to. Such was the case with Yoga for John. After a life- changing and very challenging experience, John stepped into yoga. Starting with taking class during lunch breaks, then adding on evening sessions, and eventually taking teacher training at an ashram in Colorado, Yoga has been a significant gift of healing in John's life. Both the physical and spiritual practice, as well as the wonderful community of people he is now a part of, John looks forward with gratitude to share this experience with others. 

John Taylor

RYT- 380

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