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Whether it is our own previous experiences, or those passed down through the generations from our ancestors, we all carry wounds with us as we walk this earth.  And the longer these are suppressed, the more likely they impact our lives through either physical or emotional trauma.  Because they are subconsciously driven, most of which initiated during the child years of emotional formation, we are also unable to associate these effects with the underlying cause.  The result being that we live with these toxic triggers, continuously asking ourselves why we are the way we are.


The good news? Our bodies are magically created to communicate to us regarding our own healing.  Your body knows, and if we choose to listen to, or more accurately, remember these signals, we can begin the process of releasing these wounds and again walk with greater clarity and freedom.  Life will always have its challenges, but our ability to navigate through, release, and let go, allows us to move closer to the place of peace and contentment we ultimately desire.

 John Taylor is an energy practitioner with training from The Four Winds Society, a Peruvian based indigenous energy medicine healing institute.  He attended this school less to help facilitate other’s healing, but more for his own.  And like all true gifts received, it is through sharing that we receive our greatest blessing.  So it is with gratitude that he is now supporting others.


John states clearly that he is not a healer. He is here to help facilitate, and will hold a space of safety during the process, but ultimately only you can hear and respond to the voice which is uniquely yours. In this regard we are all the same.  As much as we, and only we, can create our own healing; it is with others, and only with others, that we find it. We are not alone.

For more information, and to schedule an Intuitive Energy Healing session with John, please E-mail him

$75/ session

*sessions typically last 60 minutes, but may be shorter or longer, depending on the work done.



"John gently guided me through a process of soothing introspection and self-healing. What was particularly helpful was how he empowered me to take the healing process into my own hands and to recognize that it is indeed a process.  I left feeling relaxed with a deep sense of release as well as tools to continue healing old wounds."

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